Frenchic Baby Box

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  • It isn't every day that a family member, friend or co-worker has a child and alters their life forever. Make sure you recognize this momentous event with a gift that is worthy of the occasion.

    Our French inspired baby box is one of a kind and full of original products that every parent will treasure. Each classic item is not only stylish, but also functional, while adding a bit of a French touch.

"Finding the perfect birth present can be a challenge, but I've found that the Frenchic Baby Box is the perfect solution. The products are high-quality, classic, stylish pieces that are sure to make an impression. It is my go-to gift these days."

Julia Harding, Dallas, TX 

How To Order Your Box

in 3 simple steps

Bébé: There should be a baby

While not compulsory, our boxes are curated with new parents in mind. Friends, family members and co-workers, all on the verge of a life changing event, adore receiving our French inspired box.

Box: Order easily through our website

Each item has been handpicked to provide not only a sense of style, but to be functional. Simply order through our website, add a personalized message that will be handwritten and your box will be delivered in a few days.

Bravo: Your box is delivered

Each box is carefully packaged to create a one of a kind presentation. Once received, ooohhing and aaahhing will be had by many. You'll be praised as some kind of a cultural sage.

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